Merrimack Manufacturing represents a unique culture which fosters a fast-paced multidisciplinary and inventive environment. Housed in the largest industrial complex of its time, the historic Amoskeag Millyard in Manchester New Hampshire.

Established in 2018 as a contract Manufacturer consists of employees who are evolved thinkers that seek to identify challenges, create solutions and improve lives, seeing endless possibilities in the power of technology to do good. Our team is fueled by compassion and inspired by technology.


Merrimack Manufacturing is a manufacturer that uses our proximity, flexibility, technical expertise, and integrated business systems to increase the commercial success of innovations throughout the product lifecycle.


Dedicated to the manufacturing of our designer’s lifesaving medical devices while building a culture of innovation and ownership


To provide patients with the highest quality medical devices to sustain and improve their comfort and longevity

Who we are and what we do

Merrimack’s personnel are evolved thinkers that seek to identify challenges, create solutions and improve lives, seeing endless possibilities in the power of technology to do good.

Positioned in Manchester’s highly desired historic Amoskeag mill buildings Merrimack Manufacturing fasters fosters a unique culture in a fast-paced environment.

Merrimack Manufacturing LLC is located only an hour away from the mountains, beaches, lakes region, and Boston. Employees are able to enjoy many walkable amenities the area has to offer such as parks, restaurants, cafes, breweries, museums, stadiums, shopping, and more.

Some of the benefits we offer


Fitness Center

Competitive Benefits

Primary Contract Manufacturer of Designs

Close Partnership for Development

Close prox. Of design partner

Collaborative Integration for New Product Introduction

Partnership with DEKA

Core Competencies

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Controlled environment that protects the products we manufacture to ensure clean, safe product.

Leak Testing

Process used to determine whether an object or system is functioning within a specific leak limit.

Functional Testing

Process used to determine whether systems/products perform as required.

Mechanical Assembly

Fast, efficient assembly of components into systems/products using fasteners, press-fits, and other mechanical methods

Ultrasonic Welding

Joining of thermoplastics through the use of high-frequency mechanical motion.

Laser Welding

Precise joining of materials by using lasers to melt the joint location.


Merrimack monitors materials used in manufactured products for their quality, and can track material goods down to individual serialized devices

Firmware Loading

Merrimack can manage and distribute firmware packages to assembled devices, preparing them to a commercial-ready state.


Application of product information, such as part number, serial number or lot code, by laser marking or etching

Our state-of-the art quality/metrology lab combines advanced technology, skilled personnel, and strict quality control protocols to provide high-quality measurement services for the medical industry that demands precise and reliable data. The lab incorporates high-precision instruments such as coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and high accuracy vision measurement systems. Skilled Quality Control employees are highly trained professionals that play a crucial role of maintaining full attention to detail throughout the entire process. The team ensures full traceability of all documentation and parts while providing the technical knowledge needed to delivered Quality to the end customer.